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  •  Congratulations to winners of the Yetter! Registration for the The Greater Eastern Amateur Cup is still open! We would also be grateful for anyone who want to volunteer to help us run a smooth event.

  • "We have some bad news. It was only a matter of time, but the invasive Spotted Lanternfly has been found in Tyler State Park. The adults have been found last October in the nearby Churchville Nature Center, around the same time a few park visitors mentioned that they might have seen one, but all those had not been properly identified and confirmed. Yesterday we received a report from a park visitor and were able to confirm the presence of 2nd instar nymphs on the Covered Bridge Trail. DCNR is working with some student groups and members of the Penn State Extension on means of control and monitoring. You may have already started to see some trees with sticky bands along some of the parking lots and trails.From Tyler State Park. We found the SLF on it's preferred host plant the Tree of Heaven, aka Ailanthus, which is also an invasive species (see images below.) If you see SLF in any other part of the park, you may report it through the Penn State Extension website here: and drop a pin in the exact park location.This is also a good resource to read up on identification, prevention, and means of control."

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